Who We Are

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Since 2019

KAV Juris LLP is a full-service law practice headquartered in New Delhi, India, with associate offices. The firm was created in 2019 and is led by Mr. Anand Verma, a law graduate with a master’s degree who also serves as the firm’s Managing Partner. Along with its partners, the firm has established itself as a trustworthy and well-respected reputation in the legal community.

We provide expert legal services in various disciplines as a full-service law practice. Civil, Commercial, and Criminal Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Infrastructure Projects, and Real Estate, Land Acquisition, White Collar Crimes, Electricity Laws, Mining Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Service Laws, Tax Laws, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications, Regulatory Litigation, Company Laws, and General Corporate are some of the areas in which our law firm practices. We focus on commercial law, arbitration, mediation, dispute resolution, and real estate law. We also draught and vet legal papers, contracts, and letters, among other things.

Our goal is to provide complete legal solutions to our client’s legal needs. We have a highly competent and responsive legal staff that includes both young and seasoned legal professionals with specific knowledge in their fields of law. Our focus is on pinpointing the client’s exact requirements, ensuring that our work is technically flawless, and managing our cases to exceed our clients’ expectations.