Registration & Incorporations

Private Limited Company

In India, the private limited company is the most popular business structure. The owners hold all of the company’s shares privately, and shareholders can either run the company directly or engage directors to do it on their behalf. By forming a private limited company, you can secure your assets, access more resources, get financial help, and save money on taxes. It usually takes 15-20 days to register a private limited company.


A private limited company is a hybrid of the corporate and partnership business structures. The most appealing element of a Private Limited Company is its members’ limited liability. It combines the flexibility of a partnership firm with the advantages of a corporation, such as increased stability, better creditworthiness, and an independent legal body.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) 

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a corporate business vehicle that provides limited liability and allows its members to organise their internal structure as a partnership, allowing entrepreneurial initiatives to operate flexibly and efficiently. The LLP company structure is appropriate for all enterprises, including traders, manufacturers, and professionals, and it is simple to implement and manage. A limited liability partnership (LLP) is more reputable and preferred than a traditional partnership firm.

The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, established limited liability partnerships in India. It has the characteristics of both a partnership and a corporation, unlike a typical partnership, where each member has joint and several liabilities. In an LLP, one partner is not responsible or liable for the misbehaviour or carelessness of another partner.


We also provide registration services of the same with the concerned Authorities.


  • Registration/Incorporation of Company in India;
  • Registration of Partnership FIRM / LLP in India;
  • Registration under GST, ESI and EPF;
  • Registration of Shops / trade with Ministry of Labour and under Delhi Shop and
  • Establishment Act;
  • Registration of Export import code / IEC Code.
  • Registration of NGO / TRUST etc.
  • Registration under Income Tax Act
  • FCRA Registration;
  • Registration of Trademark / Copyright / Patent;
  • Registration of ISI, Agmark;
  • ISO:9001/2001 certification;
  • Registration of Newspaper in India
  • Registration of Societies / Schools / Institutions in India
  • Registration of WILL, Gift deed, Sale Deed, GPA/SPA, Lease Deed / Rent Agreements;
  • Registration of Political Party with Election Commission of India
  • Drafting of Partnership deeds;
  • Registration of partnerships before Registrar of Firms;
  • Incorporation of companies;
  • Preparation of MOU / AOA;
  • Meetings and board resolutions;
  • Registration of Logo/mark/trade mark/name;
  • Compliances under MCA-21;
  • Secretarial compliances;
  • Compliances before ROC;
  • Search, inspection and documentation;
  • Digital signatures;
  • Directors identification number;
  • Registration of societies;
  • Compliances before Registrar of Societies;
  • All legal compliances related to “starting a News Paper/magazine”
  • Registration on newspaper with Indian Newspaper Society;
  • Registration of political party with Election commission of India;
  • Registration on NGO