Industrial & Labour Laws

To compete in a global environment and accomplish their business objectives, companies must constantly adapt their company operations. Today, the only constant is change. Businesses need to understand labour and employment laws now more than ever to manage cost and risk, anticipate potential issues, and promote the efficient, timely, and agile implementation of global or regional projects. At KAV Juris LLP, we recognize the value of human capital and the need for every company to have a retention strategy to ensure long-term success. We provide helpful information about the anticipated effects of labour and employment reforms. Our competencies are broad, spanning all applicable Indian labour laws, regulatory requirements imposed on companies, assessment of employment contracts and employee manuals, and, where necessary, a robust litigation strategy. We provide solutions tailored to organisations’ specific events and circumstances while still safeguarding their commercial interests.


Our firm also serve its clients in following manner:


  • Management of Legal functions PayRoll ,PF & ESI Compliance.
  • Compliance of Statutory & other Corporate matters.
  • Coordination & supervision of Legal, Personnel,
  • Industrial Relation, Administration, Liaison
  • Human Relation matters;
  • Trade Unions and Employment related litigation
  • Disciplinary proceedings;
  • Employees Rights and related benefits;
  • Constitutional Rights;
  • Employment and service contracts;
  • Labour disputes and Industrial actions;
  • Health and safety legislation;
  • Collective bargaining;
  • Voluntary retirement scheme;
  • Law on dismissals;
  • Provident fund and social security;
  • Reorganisation and retrenchment;
  • Strikes & lockouts;