Arbitration & Conciliation

KAV Juris LLP assists clients in all civil and commercial litigation cases before Indian courts with original and appellate jurisdiction, including the Supreme Court of India. We have represented and supported clients in various challenging and high-profile legal situations in the past. Members of the KAV Juris LLP legal team have the necessary expertise and experience to help clients resolve disputes in traditional legal forums and alternative mechanisms such as mediation or arbitration.

Our firm provides various services under the law of arbitrations as follows:

  • Application before the High Court for appointment of arbitrator;
  • Petition before the court seeking Interim relief before or at the stage of arbitration proceedings;
  • Petition under section 34 of Arbitration Act, 1999 seeking set aside of the award;
  • Execution petition seeking realisation of the arbitration award before civil court.
  • Appear before arbitrators across the country;
  • Arbitration in Commercial disputes
  • Domestic and International Arbitration
  • Enforcement of Awards in India and outside India


Pre-Litigation Mediation

Litigation is a suit which is still pending in the court process. Whereas, Pre-Litigation takes place before the court process begins. It is voluntarily taken up by both the parties. It is a prior attempt to resolve the dispute before the case goes through the court process. It follows an assisted negotiation process.

Pre-Litigation mediation saves time and money of the parties as well as it is a speedy process; and they also get to know about the temperament, deeds and demands of each of the parties. The procedure takes place with the help of a mediator, he promotes communication but the procedure holds great confidentiality in its own. The mediator works with both the parties along with their counsels for dispute resolution and does not impose the decision upon the parties. All types of cases can go through the beneficial means of Pre-Litigation Mediation like matrimonial disputes, business disputes, insurance disputes, civil disputes etc.

Any dispute settlement made in Pre-Litigation Mediation is written, signed by both the parties and filled in the court in the form of a proper settlement agreement and such agreement is binding upon both the parties.